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My Journey to Colour

The last 20 years of my life has been a journey of up and downs and of self-development, and I can finally say that I have now reached a place in my life where I am happy, content, have a great job that helps others and have abundance in all areas of my life and the icing on the cake is my beautiful home!

It all started with a death of my mother, this was a trigger to change my life I wanted to stop just surviving and being in stress and become happy and fulfilled, little did I know what was around the corner!

My journey began with training and personal development in kinesiology, Reiki, NLP, The Balance Procedure, Spectrum Healing, Reflexology, Pathway Balancing, Colour Therapy and Aura Soma, I have used all these techniques to clear any blocks or barriers to create a better life for myself and continue to run a successful practice using these techniques to support others in what they would like to achieve in their life.

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The next part of the journey begins when I was visiting a friend and she opened the door to me and I was gobsmacked, she looked amazing..." Wow you look fantastic" I said, she replied... I have had my colours done... This was a light bulb moment for me, I'm helping people on the inside to clear the blocks to where they want to be using therapies... but they need help create the confidence in how they look on the outside and to bring out their authentic self through what they wear using colour and style, so I trained as a ColourMeBeautiful consultant, this runs perfectly alongside my therapy business, I love showing clients how fabulous they can look bringing colour into what they wear and this in turn brings them confidence!

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The third part of the journey was my home... your home is an extension of who you are, and I wanted my home to support me and be a beautiful healing place for my clients to visit... so I enlisted the help of a good friend for a Feng Shui consultation, using this process, we created a home that supported me in my goals and my personality type and then bringing in my knowledge of colour and interior design I enhanced my home so that it is a beautiful space where the energy flow supports me and is a wonderful healing space for friends and clients to visit.

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So now the home consultation service runs perfectly alongside the personal development consultation and colourmebeautiful consultation parts of the business.

So, I am extremely passionate about helping others to create a life that they dream of and using all these consultations either singularly or as a whole process, I can creatively help and support you to live happily and abundantly in all areas of your life.


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